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Name:  N/A
Company:  Lighthouse Property Management, Ltd.
Day Phone:301/578-4041
Evening Phone:301/675-8591
Locations Of Service
Silver Spring, MD
Takoma Park, MD
Washington, DC
Lighthouse Property Management, Ltd., is pleased to have the opportunity to introduce our company and services. As specialists in the management of community homeowners associations and apartments building, Lighthouse Property Management provides comprehensive, professional guidance for residential communities. Our team of certified managers, assistant managers, and support staff are dedicated to providing the highest quality service while catering to the unique needs of each individual community. We offer complete servicing in administration, financial management, and property maintenance and have implemented the latest technological advances in the management industry to solve the complex issues presented in todays communities. Lighthouse Property Management's goal is to guide the association board of directors or owners' of apartment building in maintaining the beauty and value of the association and apartment communities and protect every homeowners and owners' investment. Our management team will design a customized program that also works to enhance communication and create a true sense of community for your neighborhood.